"Discipline your mind and your body will follow"

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    Serving the Chicagoland Community for over 20 years


    Our highly trained and experienced teacher and staff instruct our students on proper technique and discipline through a variety of martial arts systems. We offer classes in Chinese Martial Arts as well as weapons training.


    Sifu Scott is a committed student, competitor, and teacher in traditional Martial Arts. He has earned the distinguished rank of black belts in both Chinese Kenpo and Wushu styles rooted in Chinese Kung Fu. This commitment has afforded him an impressive history of personal distinctions. Sifu Scott continues to train and improve upon his mastery of the arts. Scott is currently studying Wushu and Tai Chi Chuan with Master Qjang Li a former All China Champion and member of the Bejing Professional Wushu Team (same team that produced the famous Martial Artis and action actor Jet Li.)

    Martial Arts Instruction

    for Adults and Children

    Tai Chi


    Mon @8:30pm

    Sat @2pm


    Chinese Kung Fu

    Mon @7:30pm

    Sat @1pm

    Chinese Kenpo

    Adult Program

    Mon @6:30pm

    Wed @7:30pm

    Wed @8:30pm

    (8:30pm for higher ranks)

    Chinese Kenpo

    Young Masters Program

    Wed @6:30pm

    Sat @12pm

  • How we Work

    A variety of Martial Arts classes to choose from


    Chinese Kung Fu and Sanda

    Traditional Wushu (commonly referred to as Kung Fu), has a long diverse history. As Wushu originated in China, originating from the need of self-defenses, survival as well as an art of war, over its thousands of years of development different systems emerged featuring various methods, philosophies and techniques. While at its core traditional Wushu is a method of attack and defense it is also deeply intertwined with ethical and moral principles. A wide variety of systems can be found, some featuring mainly hand techniques, others focusing on leg techniques, some featuring wrestling; some focus on attack and defense while others strive to promote and preserve health and well-being. Traditional Wushu also includes a vast array of traditional weaponry.

    Chinese Kenpo

    Young Masters Program

    The Young Masters Program is tailored for children ages 6 through 13. This program begins with the Chinese Kenpo basics and quickly builds discipline, strength and confidence in a family environment. Parents are encouraged to participate in their child's progress and often join the Adult program to join in the fun.

    Chinese Kenpo

    Adult Program

    Chinese Kenpo is an effective self-defense system using checks, angles, strikes, parries and other methods to maintain maximum defensive positions even while attacking. Chinese Kenpo is also well known for blinding hand combinations as well as a large variety of kicks, stomps and low line destructive techniques. Instruction is available for both adults and children.

    Tai Chi


    Tai Chi originates from the Chinese martial arts. It has evolved into a true wellness system combining fluid spiral movements, refined breathing techniques, meditation and traditional Chinese medical theory, with martial arts applications. The practice of this art will enhance the quality for your life by leaving you refreshed and stress free. Tai Chi can also be safely practiced at any age.

  • GAMA Testimonials


    Fast Pace


    I'm one of the newer students, but high ranks better watch out. With Gordon Academy's Kenpo, Wushu, and Taichi, I'm having triple the fun.

    Dedicated Student


    Sifu helped me realize hard work really does pay off. Never thought I would be able to to get this much air time with my jump front kicks.

    Brother and Sister

    Leo & Sofia

    Been training under Sifu Scott as long as we can remember. It's good to have a Martial Arts school that works at our pace.

  • Awards and Recognition

    International Award Winner


    Bronze Medal Winner

    Sifu Scott won a bronze medal for the United States at the 6th World Traditional Wushu Championships in Chizhou City, China as part of the 2014 United States Traditional Wushu Team. Scott won a Bronze medal for the United States in the double weapons division by performing a Shaolin double daggers form..

    USA Team

    Award Winner

    Sifu Scott has a long history of competing in USA regional and national competition circuits, winning Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in forms, weapons, and fighting.


    Member and Judge

    Sifu Scott is an active member of the USAWKF (United States of America Wushu Kung Fu Federation) and the AKA (American Karate Association). He has been asked to serve as a judge in numerous USA regional and national competitions.


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